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Pasta Types, Tortelli and Ravioli

Tortelli and Ravioli

Tortelli and Ravioli; filled pasta. There isn’t much difference between tortelli and ravioli in the world of Italian filled pasta. By that I mean the dough is more or less the same (sometimes with eggs, sometimes without)  but the fillings, shapes and name depend more on the region, or even...

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Pappardelle, Pasta Types

Pappardelle pasta from Tuscany

Pappardelle pasta from Tuscany. Pappardelle is a regional type of egg pasta that is very like tagliatelle but much wider, about 2-3 cms. This pasta is considered a type of lasagne in the generic sense that it is wide strips of egg pasta. While tagliatelle is traditionally from Emilia-Romagna...

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