Passatelli Pasta from Emilia-Romagna

Passatelli: an unusual type of pasta!

making passatelli in broth

Although I have lived in Italy for 14 years, I only discovered passatelli last year. Probably because they’re not typical in many parts of Italy. Although you can find them in Marche and Lazio, they are considered to be essentially Romagnolo from Emilia-Romagna.

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making passatelli with brothI came across this cheesy pasta whilst doing research for this blog and my first reaction was that I absolutely had to make it myself! I went out to buy the tool used, which Italians call ‘il ferro di passatelli’ (passatelli iron). This is actually a handheld press with holes, similar to a spaetzle maker or potato ricer. Passatelli are traditionally served in broth but there are many other recipes for them. First time round I decided to skip the broth making stage and bake them (after cooking them in stock) with pine nuts, pancetta and cheese. They were delicious and I fell in love!

making passatelli with broth

Although this pasta is not made with flour it is still classified as a type of pasta. These soft, normally homemade strands of breadcrumbs, grated cheese and eggs are an ancient tradition, born in the rural low income areas where leftovers and simple foods like stale bread, cheese and eggs were used often to create tasty dishes.

making passatelli with broth

In the past passatelli were considered a special dish because they were made with white bread; The original recipe called for breadcrumbs and parmesan in equal measure, but in the homes of the wealthy more parmesan was used, whilst in the homes of the poor more bread! 

making passatelli with broth

How to make passatelli.

Although passatelli appear to be simple to make because of the few ingredients required, a certain amount of skill and practice is needed to get the dough to the right consistency, If the dough isn’t right then the pasatelli will fall apart quickly when passed thorough the press and dropped into the broth or they won’t pass properly through the press. In order to get a good dough you have to use normal white bread, well dried and finely grated. and the ingredients must be blended with care, until you get a compact and good textured dough. The dough needs to ‘rest’ for at least two hours before being pressed through the passatelli ‘iron’

Making passatelli with broth

I have included a recipe just for making passatelli. You can choose to cook and serve them in an already made beef, chicken or even fish broth or cook them in stock, using a stock cube, and then serve with other ingredients. Passatelli can also be baked. Whichever way you choose, I’m sure that like me you will fall in love with this delicious and unusual pasta.You can also watch passatelli being made on Pasta Grannies.

making passatelli with broth

If you decide to make passatelli, I’d be so happy to hear how they turn out. Please write a comment here on the blog or on the Pasta Project Facebook page. Your feedback is much appreciated!

A passatelli 'iron'.
Passatelli are made by forcing the dough through a hand held press.


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