Italy’s Regions

Italy is divided up into 20 regions and each region, except for the Aosta valley, has a number of provinces. Although there are many types of pasta that are eaten in many or all the Italian regions, a lot originated in a particular region and then became popular in other parts of the peninsula, whilst others are only found in one or a few regions.

Italy's Regions, Molise

Molise, Italy’s second smallest region.

Molise, Italy’s second smallest region! Italy has 20 regions, each of which has its own traditional kitchen including, of course, pasta recipes. Here on the Pasta Project, I’m in the process of writing an article about each region and its food, particularly its pasta. To date, I have written...

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Abruzzo, Pasta Types, Trescatori

Trescatori Pasta from Abruzzo

Trescatori Pasta from Abruzzo. Trescatori is another pasta I bought whilst on holiday in Abruzzo earlier this year. However, after doing some research about this pasta, I could only  find it made by a couple of artisan pasta makers in Abruzzo. These pasta makers describe this pasta as being...

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