Italy’s Regions

Italy is divided up into 20 regions and each region, except for the Aosta valley, has a number of provinces. Although there are many types of pasta that are eaten in many or all the Italian regions, a lot originated in a particular region and then became popular in other parts of the peninsula, whilst others are only found in one or a few regions.

Abruzzo, Pasta by region

Spaghetti/Maccheroni alla Chitarra

  What’s in a name? Pasta is most definitely the center of the Italian gastronomic universe. There are many views on how many different  pasta shapes there are. Some people say 360+, others reckon there are far more. According to an article I read, the most well-known Italian...

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Abruzzo, Italy's Regions


  If you want to discover Italian cuisine at its purest head to Abruzzo. Abruzzo is located on the Adriatic coast in Central Italy. Because much of inland Abruzzo is mountainous and covered in National parks, the region was relatively isolated up until the 20th century and as a result still...

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