Calamarata pasta from Southern Italy.

Calamarata Pasta and Calamari!


calamarata pasta

If you like seafood pasta dishes, especially with calamari (squid), mussels, shrimps etc, then calamarata is the pasta to make them with. As the name implies, calamarata takes its name from calamari. In fact, it is shaped like calamari rings. This pasta is normally a little thick and often with a slightly rough surface. It is similar to paccheri but shorter, and also comes from Southern Italy.  

La Calamarata.

Calamarata pasta is used in traditional pasta dishes in coastal Campania, Calabria and Sicily most especially, and needless to say, with calamari . In fact, the most well-known traditional pasta dish made with squid and this pasta in Campania is called ‘La Calamarata’, taking its name from the pasta itself.  The perfect La Calamarata has calamari rings which are more or less the same size and colour as the pasta!

La Calamarata pasta recipe
La calamarata made with black and plain calamarata pasta.

However  la Calamarata may also include other types of seafood (as long as there is calamari too!) and is often served ‘al cartoccio’. This means the last 5 minutes of cooking take place in the oven. The pasta and sauce are mixed together and wrapped in aluminium foil or baking paper packets. These are baked for 5 minutes in a hot oven and then served immediately. This is a great way to serve pasta when you have guests! Check out this recipe for seafood linguine al cartoccio to see how this is done.

calamarata pasta
Black calamarata pasta is coloured with cuttle fish ink.

Other ways of serving this calamari shaped pasta!

Calamarata pasta is also often served with other seafood such as ‘frutti di mare’ or fresh tuna as well as vegetable or vegetable and cheese sauces but rarely with meat sauces.

Calamarata pasta with swordfish and mussels
Calamarata pasta with swordfish and mussels.

In Sicily, calamarata is typically prepared with swordfish and pachino tomatoes, as well as with black rockfish and Bronte pistachios. Sicilians also like to eat this pasta with Sicilian pesto and almonds and with moscardini (musky octopus). In fact, there are quite a few wonderful and unusual southern Italian pasta recipes that can be made with this pasta and I’m looking forward to sharing some of these with you in the coming weeks.

Calamarata pasta with stewed cuttlefish and peas
Calamarata pasta with stewed cuttlefish and peas.

Where to find calamarata pasta.

Here in Italy, calamarata pasta can be found in both fresh and dry versions, although dry is more common and there is also a black version which has been coloured with cuttlefish ink. Production is nearly always using artisan bronze dies and the dough is made with only durum wheat and water and then dried slowly at low temperatures. Many well- known pasta companies make Calamarata. These include De Cecco, Di Martino, Rummo, Pastificio dei Campi and others.  If you can’t find this pasta locally you can try ordering it online. Today there are many Italian artisan pasta makers who will ship abroad. 

calamarata pasta

Recipes for Calamarata on The Pasta Project.

  1. with stewed cuttlefish and peas
  2. La Calamarata 
Italian Pasta Types - Calamarata
Calamarata - Italian Pasta Types

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