Pasta in Molise.

When it comes to pasta, there are a number of traditional types well known outside of Molise and popular elsewhere. These include fusilli which originated in Molise, cavatelli which are also made in other Southern regions, cappellacci, a filled pasta which looks like little hats and is also said to originate in Molise and sagne, which are actually two different pasta shapes: either flat cut pieces of pasta, or ribbons rolled into spiral tresses (sagne incannulate). Sagne are also made and eaten in Abruzzo and Lazio.  Tagliolini is also considered to be a traditional pasta here, as well as Piemonte. And finally the little known ‘millefanti’ tiny pieces of pasta made from flour, eggs, parsley and cheese which is served in broth in Molise and Puglia.

Pasta which is more likely only to be found in this region include laianelle, ricotta filled pasta moons; calcioni di ricotta, a specialty of the region’s capital Campobasso made of fried pasta stuffed with ricotta, provolone, prosciutto and parsley and crioli, a pasta typically eaten on special occasions and holidays. The name ‘crioli’ comes from the shoe laces that shepherds used during the winter. This pasta is similar to spaghetti alla chitarra in neightbouring Abruzzo, but isn’t made using a ‘chitarra’. The strands are squarish and it’s usually cut by hand.

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Pasta with Lamb Ragu Molisano

Rigatoni Pasta with Lamb ragu Molisano. Rigatoni con Ragu Molisano. This tasty and hearty lamb ragu Molisano is actually made with three kinds of meat, lamb, sausage and veal. These types of ragu are very popular in the Southern Italian regions, especially Abruzzo, Calabria, Puglia and Molise...

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