Tag: Northern Italy

Italy's Regions, Lombardy


Think Italian lakes, fashion and osso buco: think Lombardy! Although there are still many places I would like to visit in Lombardy, it’s a region I’ve been to many times.  Even before I came to live in Italy, I had already fallen in love with the most well-known of Lombardy’s lakes...

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Italy's Regions, Veneto


Veneto, my home! Veneto is the region I know best because I have been living there since 2003! And yet, like most Italian regions there are so many well-known tourist destinations and off the beaten track hidden gems that I can’t say I know the region completely! There is still much to...

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Italy's Regions, Liguria


  Liguria, home to Pesto Genovese! Liguria is a region I have yet to explore better and there are places there which are very high up on my to-go list! Luckily or unluckily, Italy is a country rich in such places and we are spoilt for choice, so getting to all the destinations I’d like to...

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