Gnocchi with Gorgonzola 5 ways

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gnocchi with gorgonzola
Gnocchi with Gorgonzola 5 ways
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
30 mins

Gnocchi with gorgonzola is a food match made in heaven and for more deliciousness add walnuts or figs or speck or a combination of all these ingredients.

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian, Lombardy
Servings: 4
Author: Jacqueline De Bono
  • 800 g Potato Gnocchi Homemade is best see the recipe
  • 200 g Gorgonzola Dolce or Piccante if you prefer
  • 1/2 glass milk
  • 50 g Parmesan grated
  • 1 pinch nutmeg (optional)
  • ground black pepper (optional)
  • salt for cooking gnocchi
If using walnuts
  • 40 g walnuts shelled and broken in small pieces
If using speck
  • 100 g speck cut into small pieces
If using figs
  • 4-6 fresh figs cut into quarters or smaller
  1. Start boiling the water for the gnocchi. Add salt once it starts to boil.

  2. Put the milk in a deep frying pan or skillet and bring it to a boil. 

  3. Turn the heat down and add a piece of gorgonzola and stir till it melts, (if you want a denser sauce you can add a little butter). Continue to add pieces of Gorgonzola and if the sauce is too thick a bit more milk a little at a time. It is important not to overcook the gorgonzola. For a delicate taste it must dissolve at a medium temperature. 

  4. Turn off the heat and add some grated parmesan and pepper, if desired. Some people also add a little nutmeg.

  5. Cook the gnocchi and as they start to rise to the surface of the boiling water scope them out with a slotted spoon and add them to the gorgonzola sauce. If the sauce is too thick you can also add some gnocchi cooking water to make it more liquidy.

  6. Mix the sauce and the gnocchi together and serve immediately with grated parmesan if desired.

If adding walnuts
  1. Toast the walnut pieces in a dry frying pan until they start to brown a little. Keep stirring them so they don’t burn. Sprinkle the walnuts over the gnocchi and Gorgonzola just before serving.

If adding figs.
  1. Either just add chopped figs to the final dish ( which is what I did) or add the chopped figs to the Gorgonzola sauce before adding the gnocchi.

If adding speck.
  1. Fry the pieces of speck in a little olive oil until the speck starts to brown. Sprinkle the speck over the gnocchi and Gorgonzola just before serving.

Recipe Notes

You can add both speck and walnuts together to the gnocchi with Gorgonzola. Some people fry the speck and walnuts together then add the milk and gorgonzola. I prefer to cook the extra ingredients separately.

This recipe can also be made with pasta. Italians prefer to use short pasta such as penne or rigatoni, rather than long pasta. 

Gnocchi with gorgonzola 3 ways

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  • Avatar
    Stephanie Simmons
    December 7, 2018 6:19 am

    You have no idea how excited I am about this! Trader Joe’s makes a freezer gnocchi with gorgonzola and I’m obsessed with it – I can only imagine how much better the homemade version is!! Can’t wait to try this out!

  • Avatar
    December 3, 2018 4:54 pm

    I love gnocchi and pairing it with gorgonzola sauce sounds very flavourful and yummy. Lovely idea and awesome share.

  • Avatar
    Chef Mireille
    December 3, 2018 4:15 pm

    despite being in the culinary industry, I am a somewhat picky eater and I don;t like gorgonzola or any smelly cheese – but I love the idea of this recipe with the figs as I love figs but I think I’ll just switch up the cheese

  • Avatar
    December 3, 2018 8:26 am

    What a great recipe. And very interesting to read as well. I would love to try this recipe soon. Looks great.

  • Avatar
    December 2, 2018 12:53 am

    Your recipes help me learn so many interesting things about the ingredients I use in everyday life – something I have been eager to start doing for a long time! Next time I make gnocchi with gorgonzola, I will have an incredible perspective on the dish – thank you for that!

  • Avatar
    Krista Price
    December 2, 2018 12:32 am

    So many variations! How does one chose?! Simple answer, I’m not making a choice -I’m making them all!

  • Avatar
    December 1, 2018 4:01 pm

    I’m a huge Gorgonzola fan, so this recipe looks perfect for me. And those gnocchi look so delicious and pillowy. Definitely making this soon!

  • Avatar
    Cheese Curd In Paradise
    December 1, 2018 6:22 am

    Yes to anything with gorgonzola! I love the different variations, and can’t wait to try some of that sauce!

  • Avatar
    Kelly Anthony
    November 30, 2018 10:25 pm

    I’ve never put gorgonzola in with gnocchi but I love both ingredients so I’m excited to try this new combination. Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe.

  • Avatar
    Karyl Henry
    November 30, 2018 3:23 pm

    Wow, this looks really fabulous! I absolutely love gorgonzola, but have never made it as a cream sauce. I’m definitely going to have to try it

  • Avatar
    Stine Mari
    November 29, 2018 4:48 pm

    I absolutely loved the legend about that romantic guy, I’d love it if it was the case! And all these varieties look amazing. Adding figs is such a great idea.

    • Jacqui
      November 30, 2018 11:35 am

      I love food legends and yes the story about Gorgonzola is a cute one! Figs and Gorgonzola is a delicious combo! I hope you’ll try it, Stine!

  • Avatar
    November 29, 2018 5:50 am

    I love that you used nutmeg and figs in this dish, such a good mix of sweet and savoury! Thanks for this awesome recipe, can’t wait to try it.

    • Jacqui
      November 30, 2018 11:48 am

      Thank you Bevyn! I love the use of figs and nutmeg here too. They give this dish such a wonderful flavour! Am sure you will love it!

  • Avatar
    November 28, 2018 11:23 pm

    Gnocchi is so delicious. So easy to make, you can enjoy this any night of the week. Love all the CHEESE…cause you can never go wrong with pasta and chesse….always a hit at our table.

    • Jacqui
      November 30, 2018 11:51 am

      Thanks for your comment Gloria. Yes this is really an easy dish to make whichever other ingredients you choose to add to the gnocchi and gorgonzola! We often eat this in winter!

  • Avatar
    March 13, 2018 12:37 pm

    This looks soo yummy! All of your recipes look divine! I just live any kind of pastas!

    • admin
      March 14, 2018 11:55 am

      Thank you dear! Gnocchi with Gorgonzola is a food match made in heaven! I’m happy you like the recipes here. I hope you’ll give some of them a try! Greetings from Verona! Jacqui

  • Avatar
    Fred Nonterah
    March 12, 2018 7:47 pm

    Wow, these different combinations all look yummy, never tried it myself but probably will soon.

    • admin
      March 14, 2018 11:59 am

      Grazie Fred! Gnocchi with Gorgonzola is fab but when you add figs or nuts or speck it takes it to another level. I hope you do try it! Greetings from Verona! Jacqui

  • Avatar
    Samantha H.
    March 12, 2018 5:29 pm

    Seriously, yum! My husband will go crazy for this recipe, because he LOVES gnocchi and gorgonzola is the perfect flavor compliment.

    • admin
      March 14, 2018 12:09 pm

      Grazie Samantha! I hope you’ll make this for your hubby! Gnocchi and Gorgonzola is a to-die-for combination if you like blue (Italians say green) cheese! Buon appetito from Verona! Jacqui

  • Avatar
    March 12, 2018 6:13 am

    I love Gnocchi and the addition of Gorgonzola is a great idea. I bet this dish is full of flavors !

    • admin
      March 12, 2018 9:10 am

      Thank you Namrata, yes gnocchi with gorgonzola is super tasty. It’s very traditional here in Northern Italy. All the best Jacqui.

  • Avatar
    Michelle Barsness
    March 11, 2018 4:55 pm

    I love gorgonzola. Such a great cheese. This looks so delicious with the gnocchi and speck. Love the romantic legend of how gorgonzola came to be. So fun!

    • admin
      March 12, 2018 9:13 am

      Grazie Michelle! Gnocchi with speck and gorgonzola is a great combo. It’s delicious with normal pasta too! Lots of Italian recipes and food have legends/stories about their origins. I love including these coz it makes the food interesting! Ciao from Verona! Jacqui

  • Avatar
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt
    March 11, 2018 3:08 pm

    Ohhh I love ghocchi and gorganzola! What a great combination of ways to make it. I love the fig idea.

    • admin
      March 12, 2018 9:15 am

      Thanks so much Julie! I think gorgonzola is my favourite condiment for gnocchi. This is a very traditional dish here in Northern Italy but the addition of figs is quite a contemporary idea! However, a superlicious one! Greetings from Verona! Jacqui

  • Avatar
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt
    March 11, 2018 3:06 pm

    Ohhh I love ghocchi and gorganzola! What a great combination of ways to make it. I love the fig idea.

  • Avatar
    Constance Smith
    March 11, 2018 12:16 pm

    I love using cheeses that I might not ordinarily. Great recipe ideas here, I especially love the gnocchi!

    • admin
      March 12, 2018 9:18 am

      Thank you Constance! I love gnocchi too. Here in Italy there are many times of gnocchi, those made with potato alone or with another veg and those made with ricotta and some made with different types of flour. All delicious! All the best from Verona! Jacqui

  • Avatar
    Brian Jones
    March 11, 2018 10:07 am

    This sounds really delicious, I love using blue cheese in gnocchi so gotta give this a try.

    • admin
      March 12, 2018 9:20 am

      Thanks so much Brian! Yes blue cheese and gnocchi together is a wonderful combo! Funnily enough in Italy they don’t say blue cheese but green cheese (formaggio verde!) Have a great week! Jacqui

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