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Busiate, Pasta Types, Sicily


  Busiate from Trapani. Nearly all the Italian regions have particular types of pasta that come from there. Some of these, such as spaghetti, also became popular in different parts of or even throughout the Italian peninsula and eventually abroad too. Others have remained more exclusive to...

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Pasta Types, Spaghetti


  A little spaghetti history| Did you know that originally spaghetti was much longer than it is now?, Imagine that scene in Lady and the Tramp if the pasta had been even longer!! Shorter lengths didn’t become popular until the second half of the 20th century. Nowadays spaghetti is mostly...

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Calamarata, Campania, Pasta by region, Pasta Types, Sicily


Calamarata and calamari. If you like seafood pasta dishes, especially with calamari (squid), mussels, shrimps etc, then calamarata is the pasta to make them with. As the name implies, calamarata takes its name from calamari and is shaped like calamari rings. It is normally a little thick and...

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