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Abruzzo, Pasta by region

Spaghetti/Maccheroni alla Chitarra

  What’s in a name? Pasta is most definitely the center of the Italian gastronomic universe. There are many views on how many different  pasta shapes there are. Some people say 360+, others reckon there are far more. According to an article I read, the most well-known Italian...

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Pasta Types, Tagliolini


The difference is in the ‘taglia’ (cut) Although the name tagliolini sounds similar to tagliatelle, tagliolini are not quite the same as their better known cousin. The word ‘taglia’ means cut in Italian and the difference is actually in the cut! Tagliolini are long...

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Emilia-Romagna, Passatelli, Pasta by region, Pasta Types


Passatelli: an unusual type of pasta! I only recently discovered passatelli, probably because they’re not typical in many parts of Italy. Although you can find them in Marche and Lazio, they are considered to be essentially Romagnolo (from Emilia-Romagna). I came across them whilst doing...

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