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Campania, Lumaconi, Pasta Types

Lumaconi (snail shell pasta)

Lumaconi also lumache  (large pasta shells) Over recent decades, pasta makers have become more and more inventive. I guess that’s why the choice for pasta cooks and eaters seems endless at times! Nowadays there are some wonderful pasta shapes to cook with, as well as pasta made from...

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Calamarata, Campania, Seafood Pasta Dishes

La Calamarata

La Calamarata is a simple but very tasty seafood pasta dish! ‘La Calamarta’ is a Neapolitan recipe with calamari (squid) and calamarata pasta, a particularly appetizing pasta that resembles squid rings. I am totally hooked on this dish and make it quite often. It’s really tasty and easy to...

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Calamarata, Campania, Pasta by region, Pasta Types, Sicily


Calamarata and calamari. If you like seafood pasta dishes, especially with calamari (squid), mussels, shrimps etc, then calamarata is the pasta to make them with. As the name implies, calamarata takes its name from calamari and is shaped like calamari rings. It is normally a little thick and...

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