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Scialatielli pasta from Amalfi

Scialatielli pasta from the Amalfi coast. Scialatielli is a normally fresh pasta typical of Campania, particularly the Amalfi region, although nowadays it has become popular throughout the entire coastal area of Campania and in Sicily. The name, Scialatielli, apparently derives from the union of...

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Campania, Pasta Types, Ziti and Zitoni

Ziti and Zitoni Pasta

Ziti and Zitoni from Campania;   “It is said that on Sunday mornings, the noise of women breaking ziti by hand can be heard in the alleys of Naples” Quintessentially Neapolitan, Ziti or Zitoni  are THE pasta for feasts and holidays in Campania. The famously sumptuous Campanian...

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