Campania, Elicoidali, Pasta Types


  Elicoidali; Finding a pasta shape I have never heard of before is a pretty exciting experience for me! Such was the case with elicoidali. I actually bought this pasta without looking at the name as I assumed it was a small rigatoni. Obviously I was wrong. Yes, elicoidali look like...

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Campania, Lumaconi, Pasta Types

Lumaconi (snail shell pasta)

Lumaconi also lumache  (large pasta shells) Over recent decades, pasta makers have become more and more inventive. I guess that’s why the choice for pasta cooks and eaters seems endless at times! Nowadays there are some wonderful pasta shapes to cook with, as well as pasta made from...

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Campania, Mafaldine, Pasta Types

Mafaldine (mafalda or reginette)

A little Mafaldine pasta history! Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess called Mafalda of Savoy, the second daughter of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.  When Mafalda was born in 1902, some pasta makers claimed they had created a new type of pasta to mark the occasion, although...

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